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Project Description

We were asked by Carrick Enterprises Inc. to design and develop a new Logo and custom WordPress website for their new educational testing software. Working from the details given by the client and taking into consideration the name and nature of the software we came up with a logo and branding scheme that fits their target market.

The site design and development was built on the WordPress platform for use as a Content Management System, and the theme was custom designed by Red Zephyr Design.

Link: http://powerthreshold.com/

UPDATE: Power Threshold has changed their name to Threshold Achievement, their website, which still retains the original design, can be found here: https://thresholdachievement.com/

Technologies & Services

  • Wire Frames & Graphic Mockups
  • Complete Logo Design & Branding
  • WordPress Theme Design & Development
  • WordPress Theme Installation & Setup
  • WordPress Plugin Installation & Configuring
  • Site Live Assistance